You Don't Have to Lose Your Hair During Chemotherapy


Hair Loss remains one of the most dreaded side effects of chemotherapy, particularly for women.

Scalp cooling caps worn by patients before, during, and after chemotherapy are an option that are often effective in minimizing hair loss.

The Arctic Cold Cap System uses super-cooled caps to constrict the blood vessels in your scalp, thereby protecting your hair follicles from damage.

Arctic Cold Caps has brought great joy to the many women who have kept their hair during Chemotherapy.

Let us do the same for you – take the first step by calling us today!

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When NY Oncologist, Dr. Natalia Calderon battled cancer and wanted to avoid chemotherapy induced hair loss, she chose Arctic Cold Caps and saved her hair!

Natalia Calderon

“My name is Natalia Calderon, I am a medical oncologist in New York and unfortunately I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Having seen and experienced the devastating effects of chemotherapy induced hair loss, I was determined to do everything to avoid it without jeopardizing my treatment.

I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of the cold caps system, but I decided to try it after reading a few encouraging reports. I am very glad I did because it was a complete success: I had only minimal, negligible hair loss after 12 doses of taxol! I can safely say that the cold caps system can significantly decrease chemotherapy induced hair loss when done properly.

The team at Arctic Cold Caps facilitated the process and delivered support throughout the treatment, ensuring the appropriate handling of the equipment for better effectiveness.

I have no doubt that avoiding chemotherapy induced hair loss significantly improved my quality of life during the treatment and most likely also had a favorable impact in my ability to cope with the disease and the other side effects of chemotherapy. I would encourage every patient facing potential hair loss from chemotherapy to consider the Arctic Cold Caps system.”

Dr. Natalia Calderon, Oncologist

Our Treatments Have Been Conducted At The Following Oncology Facilities:

treatment-centers…and at Many Other Oncology Centers Throughout the United Stated.


noelleThank you Arctic Cold Caps! I kept my hair, and I’m so thankful. I tell everyone about Cold Capping, and I can’t wait until everyone knows about it, and they are at least given the option when they sit in the oncology office. Cancer makes you feel like everything is being ripped away from you. You don’t have any option or choice, but there is when it comes to your hair.

NoelleArctic Cold Caps Client


Carrie W

Through research and several phone calls, I was blessed to have the opportunity to try Arctic Cold Caps and started them with my first chemo treatment of AC- Adriamycin and Cytoxan….When I went in after my very last treatment, my oncologist sat studying me and finally said: “I can’t even tell you’re wearing a wig.” I told her… it’s not a wig. This is my hair! Needless to say, her mouth just about dropped to the floor and then she said: “You are the only Adriamycin chemo patient to not lose their Hair!” Wow! That’s all I can say! Between God, the Arctic Cold Cap System and my cold cap pit crew, WE DID IT! We showed everyone, you don’t have to look like a chemo patient.

Carrie W
Christine B.

IMG_4500I did 12 rounds of chemo once a week. Every week I waited to see if my hair fell out and it didn’t. I can happily say that yesterday was my last chemo treatment and I have just as much hair as I started out with!!!

I never looked any different to anyone but most importantly my children. This company including the people who work for it is amazing…..truly, amazing. They cared so much about my well being, and how it was working….they would call me periodically to check in, and answer any questions I had. I am so, so happy with my results. I wish more people knew about Arctic Cold Caps.

Christine B.Arctic Cold Caps Client

About Arctic Cold Cap Therapy

Although not new, cold cap technology has improved, along with its tolerance and efficacy. The Arctic Cold Caps, which are filled with a soft gel, must be kept frozen until just before use. These are fitted to your head and held in place with Velcro fasteners during your treatment.

To be effective, your Arctic Cold Cap and chemotherapy treatments MUST begin at the same time! Directions will be provided to ensure effective application.

Watch the video to the right to learn more or click here to view additional news clips.


“The whole team at Arctic Cold Caps were awesome…  Mary Lou the RN taught me and my helpers how to use the caps. We skyped together until I was confident in the process.  The whole team was available at a moment’s notice for last minute questions.  They all also checked up on me.  Can’t say enough about this company.”

LauraArctic Cold Caps Client

Before and After Pictures (Actual Clients)

Below are pictures of some of our clients who have agreed to share their experience using the Arctic Cold Caps system during their chemotherapy treatments. The photos to the left were taken before their chemotherapy started, and the photos to the right were taken weeks or months into their treatment while using our product.

Alicia S. – ABVD (Before & After)


Christine G – Taxol (Before & After)


Deborah B. – Cisplatin (Before & After)


Patricia K. – Abraxane (Before & After)



“I am so pleased that I heard about the possibility of retaining my hair as I went through chemotherapy. The response from the whole team at Arctic Cold Caps was very prompt and caring. I am still undergoing treatment, but with a different drug regimen that does not cause hair loss. The psychological value of keeping my hair was immeasureable! Being able to go about my daily life without having people knowing  what I was undergoing made all the difference in my outlook and ability to cope.”

LauraArctic Cold Caps Client

The Arctic Cold Cap Solution

Arctic Cold Caps solutions offer you everything you need to get started quickly and easily. We are always available to answer questions about our process and equipment. Our help line is staffed with professionals who can coach you, comfort you, and answer any questions. We are here to help!

We have put together the most affordable and comprehensive cold cap program in order to make this process as convenient as possible.

  • Complete Rental System starting at $379 a month

    Only $379 for the first month’s rental, plus $379 depost & shipping gets you started.

  • 8 Cold Caps Included

    Our cold caps are made of a fast-freezing gel for optimal results.

  • Exceptional support from Trained Registered Nurses.

    Every Customer gets a free orientation and support from one of our trained nurses.

  • More Items Needed for Treatment Included, Free of Charge.

    Arctic Cold Caps provides everything you need for your cold cap treatment.

  • Additional Support Available

    You can simply order the Arctic Cold Cap System and have a loved one conduct your treatment, or choose to have one of our trained Registered Nurses conduct the treatment for you.

Christine G

“I’m amazed as are the nurses and my oncologist that I’m not losing my hair! I’m so glad I chose to do this!”

Christine GArctic Cold Caps Client

Why Choose Us?


We include essentially everything you need to conduct your cold cap treatments. This includes a portable cooler on wheels, a digital infrared thermometer, special straps, moleskin and liners for protection, and many other items required for treatment at no additional cost.


No company other than Arctic Cold Caps has licensed Registered Nurses on staff that provide orientation and support to all of our clients, free of charge, thus ensuring that our cold cap treatment is administered effectively for optimal results.


From my initial phone call, the Arctic Cold Cap staff went above and beyond in their support. That marked the beginning of an exceptional experience during an otherwise challenging time…their support and obvious personal investment is unmatched!

SusanArctic Cold Caps Client

Cancer is a difficult experience at best, but you have made it much easier by providing Cold Caps. It is such a luxury given the circumstances to be out and about and not appear as if I have cancer. It makes my life outside of chemo normal and normal is a really good thing.

EmilyArctic Cold Caps Client

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Hair loss remains one of the most dreaded side effects of chemotherapy, particularly for women. Scalp cooling caps worn before, during and after chemotherapy are an option that is often very effective in minimizing and preventing hair loss.

Arctic Cold Caps is the most inclusive, best supported and most reasonably priced cold cap treatment system available anywhere! More items needed for treatment are included, free of charge. Learn more about how we stand out from the competition.

You can simply order the complete Arctic Cold Cap System for only $379 a month, and have a loved one conduct your treatment, or choose to have one of our trained Registered Nurses conduct the treatment for you.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are here for you every step of the way.

At Arctic Cold Caps, we are passionate about helping cancer patients and survivors improve their quality of life.

We have listed useful and helpful tips that will come in handy while you are using Arctic Cold Caps treatment.

Patricia K.

I would recommend Arctic Cold Caps to everyone undergoing chemotherapy. I saved all of my hair by using Arctic Cold Caps.

Patricia K.