What is Cold Cap Therapy?

Cold cap therapy is a unique and effective means of dramatically reducing hair loss that typically accompanies treatment in patients. Cold cap therapy involves the use of a specially designed cap to cool the scalp during a treatment.

Why Does One Lose Their Hair?

A simple explanation is that it attacks and kills cells that grow more rapidly than normal, including cells in hair follicles. (The reason we need haircuts is because hair cells grow so quickly.) Drugs do not differentiate between targeted cells and hair follicle cells and when hair follicles are subjected to drugs, they die and your hair falls out.

How Does Cold Cap Therapy Work?

Super cooling the scalp mildly constricts tiny blood vessels around hair follicles, a process called vasoconstriction. This helps to isolate the follicles from the drugs so that they don’t die. This in turn results in a significantly reduced amount of hair loss.

What is Involved With a Cold Cap Therapy Treatment?

A specially designed cap filled with frozen gel is placed on your head about an hour before treatment begins. The cap is super cooled to about -32˚Celsius (-25.6˚F). The caps are changed every half hour or so to ensure they stay cold. You wear the cap during the infusion and then for 4 hours afterward.

What is The Primary Benefit of Cold Cap Therapy?

It is a simple, affordable and effective means of reducing the hair loss that typically accompanies a treatment protocol.

Is Cold Cap Therapy Painful?

During the cold cap therapy treatment, your skin and scalp are protected. When the cap is first placed on your head, there will of course be a sensation of coldness. Although some people might feel slightly uncomfortable while wearing the cold cap, it is not a painful process and certainly not an invasive one.

Is Cold Cap Therapy Effective?

There are many personal factors such as your metabolism, diet, and overall health that can impact the effectiveness of cold cap therapy. A significant majority of the people who have tried cold cap therapy have experienced positive results and would recommend it to other people.

Is Cold Cap Therapy Safe?

Properly administered, cold cap therapy is a safe and effective means of mitigating the hair loss. Always talk to your doctor first to determine if cold cap therapy is right for you.

Must I Cut My Hair in Order for Cold Cap Therapy to Work?

It is not a good idea to cut your hair during treatments. Shorter hair will be more manageable for caring during your cold cap treatments.


Is Cold Cap Therapy Right for Me?

There are a number of factors that determine the viability of cold cap therapy for you. Speak to your doctor first, and then contact us so that we can help you. Arctic Cold Caps is an excellent resource for cold cap therapy because we make the entire process as simple, complete and stress free as possible.

Will My Doctor Let Me Use Cold Cap Therapy?

Although, as mentioned earlier, it depends on your personal situation- most doctors that we talk to see the value and benefits of cold cap therapy treatments. Since there is little or no risk involved, most doctors are very supportive of anything that will improve your quality of life.

What Does Cold Cap Therapy Cost?

We offer 3 levels of service, depending on your budget and needs. Click Here for more information about our pricing structure.

Is Cold Cap Therapy Covered by Insurance?

It depends on your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies do not yet cover cold cap therapy, but you should check with your carrier to find out. If your policy covers cranial hair prosthesis, cold cap therapy might well be covered. Knowing that insurance plans evolve over time, looking down the road, it would seem logical that health insurers will begin to cover the treatment.

 Who Administers The Cold Cap Therapy Regimen?

You can either do it yourself (with the help of your loved ones or friends), or we can help you. When you rent the equipment for the first time, we will make sure you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Alternatively, we can offer you a turnkey solution and do everything for you. Click Here to find out more.

 How Can I Get Started With Cold Cap Treatment?

We are ready to help you. You can either call us directly at (877) 234-1688 or Click Here to contact our customer service department.

When Cold Cap Treatment is Complete What Address Should I Return Items Back To?

The Cooler, 8 Caps, 3 Straps, Thermometer, Timer & Outer Lycra Cap should be returned to:

Arctic Cold Caps

Two Executive Campus, 2370 Route 70, Suite 110

Cherry Hill, NJ. 08002