Arctic Cold Caps Can Save Your Hair

Scalp cooling caps are an option that is often effective in minimizing hair loss.

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Although not new, the technology has improved, along with its tolerance and efficacy. Cold Caps have been used successfully in many parts of the world. At Arctic Cold Caps, we have developed an all-inclusive treatment system that can help reduce hair loss.

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How Arctic Cold Caps Work

The principle that is associated with the reduction and elimination of hair loss is called vaso-constriction. Essentially, this involves the use of super-cooled caps to constrict blood vessels in your scalp, thereby protecting your hair from damage.

The cold caps which are filled with a soft gel are kept frozen until just before use. These are fitted to your head and held in place with Velcro fasteners. At Arctic Cold Caps, we have simplified the system so that it can be administered easily and effectively to provide the best chances of success.

Arctic Cold Caps Solutions

We offer you everything you need to get started quickly and easily. We have put together the most affordable and comprehensive cold cap program in order to make this process as convenient as possible.

We have specially trained registered nurses who can coach you, comfort you and answer any questions. We are here to help.



The Arctic Cold Cap System includes essentially everything you will need to conduct your treatment. Until the introduction of Arctic Cold Caps, treatments required a caregiver to locate and purchase everything needed separately, which was time consuming and made the treatment much costlier.

It is because we understand the experience of having to manage treatments, while frantically trying to purchase everything required for cold cap therapy, that we have created this simple and comprehensive cold cap system. This system includes practically everything you will need to begin your treatments.

The Arctic Cold Cap System Includes:

• 8 Arctic Cold Caps
• Cooler on Wheels
• Lycra Outer Cap
• Infrared Digital Thermometer
• Moleskin and Liners
• 3 Velcro Straps
• Gloves
• Timer
• Ear protection Liners
• Loose Tooth Comb
• Satin Pillow Case
• Hair band
• Canvas Bag
• Detailed Instructions
• Help Line

Free-Support-From-a-Registered-Nurse-Arctic-Cold-CapsEvery Customer Receives Free Support From a Registered Nurse to Ensure Cold Cap Therapy is as Effective as Possible.

We employ a team of highly trained Registered Nurses who provide Help Line support, eliminating the chance for confusion and doubt that you or your loved ones might otherwise experience. Our support team will do everything in their power to ensure that your cold cap experience goes as smoothly and effectively as possible.