The Arctic Cold Cap System. Get More for Less. Only $379 Per Month

rapunzelOf the four leading Cold Cap providers in the world that are recommended by Rapunzel Project, Arctic Cold Caps are as much as $200 less to rent per month than some other providers….

Not because we offer less…We actually provide more!

We are the most inclusive cold cap company, providing more equipment and supplies at no additional cost. And we are the only company with a staff of Registered Nurses who provide FREE support to all of our clients.

What we might lose in a single transaction, we make up in numbers by making our services more affordable to all.


We deliver the Arctic Cold Cap System directly to your door. Depending on your personal preferences, you can have a family member or friend administer the treatment, or you can choose to have one of our professional, highly trained nurses do everything for you.

Regardless of who administers your treatment, we want you to get the most out of Arctic Cold Caps therapy. That is why our help hotline is staffed by trained professionals and registered nurses to answer all of your questions and provide assistance. We will also provide you with instructions that walk you through the process and clearly demonstrate everything you need to know to get the most out of your Arctic Cold Caps therapy.

8 Arctic Cold Caps

Our cold caps are not water based, but are made with a glycerine-based hydr0-gel. This enables them to re-freeze in approximately two hours, instead of twelve to eighteen hours which other water based caps require. This ensures that you will always have caps readily available to replace and maintain sufficiently cold scalp temperatures. This will help yield optimal results.

Cooler on Wheels

Our coolers are easy to handle and facilitate the cooling and transport of your cold caps to your treatment center.

Lycra Outer Cap

This cap ensures a better fit for the cold cap. The best results are realized when the cap is fitted as closely as possible to the scalp.

Infra-Red Digital Thermometer

This enables the caregiver administering the therapy to quickly and accurately determine the exact temperature of the caps. Applying caps at the correct temperature will yield the best results.

3 Velcro Straps

The straps have been developed and improved by our staff to enable our cold caps to make the best contact possible with the scalp.


These gloves are included for your caregiver when handling dry ice.


This timer is superior to a telephone based alarm or a watch because it is visible. Accurate cap change times are extremely important. This makes the process of keeping track of cap changes easier.

Moleskin and Liners

This provides the best protection for your forehead and ears against the cold while wearing the caps.

Head Band

This helps keep hair away from forehead so moleskin can be applied to protect the forehead without coming in contact with your hair.

Loose Tooth Comb

This is included to gently comb your hair during treatment.

Satin Pillow Case

By sleeping with our satin pillow case, your hair will not be subjected to abrasion and will remain healthier.

Detailed Instructions

We provide detailed Instructions, including a training video and a simple to read, written directions with numerous images to accurately describe the Arctic Cold Cap Treatment.

Help Line

Our experienced Registered Nurses call all of our customers to provide a consultation and orientation to the Arctic Cold Cap Therapy at no additional charge. Always know that we are here to help you. If you have questions or concerns, please free to call us at 877-234-1688 and one of our Registered Nurses will be glad to help.

We offer the most inclusive and best supported
Cold Cap System available anywhere.

The Complete Rental Program


The Complete Rental Program includes 8 Cold Caps, Cooler, Infrared thermometer, gloves, timer, spray bottle, satin pillow case plus everything listed above and can be shipped anywhere in the country.

$379 per month + shipping

Live Training & Orientation Session


We will send a specially trained cold capping technician directly to your location to provide a training and orientation program. This service is available in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington DC, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Chicago and Los Angeles. It may be arranged in other areas at additional cost. Please call 877-234-1688 for information.

$499 per session

Complete Rental Program Plus Skype Training


The Arctic Cold Cap Rental Plus includes 8 Cold Caps and all the equipment required for treatments, plus a 90 minute Skype training session with a Professional Capping Expert and you will also have a nurse assigned to you for telephone consultations during your treatment.

$499 per month

Therapy Service with Professional Capper


Your personal Arctic Cold Caps trained professional expert will be by your side for the entire treatment regimen to pamper and care for you every step of the way. This service is available in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington DC, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Chicago and Los Angeles. It may be arranged in other areas at additional cost. Please call 877-234-1688 for information.

$799 per treatment