You Don't Have to Lose Your Hair to Chemotherapy..


rapunzelHair Loss remains one of the most dreaded side effects of chemotherapy, particularly for women.

Scalp cooling caps worn by patients before, during, and after chemotherapy are an option that are often effective in minimizing hair loss.

The Arctic Cold Cap System uses super-cooled caps to constrict the blood vessels in your scalp, thereby protecting your hair follicles from damage.

Arctic Cold Caps has brought great joy to the many women who have kept their hair during Chemotherapy.

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Christine G

“I’m amazed as are the nurses and my oncologist that I’m not losing my hair! I’m so glad I chose to do this!”

Christine GArtic Cold Caps Client

Our Treatments Have Been Conducted At The Following Oncology Facilities:


About Arctic Cold Cap Therapy

Although not new, cold cap technology has improved, along with it’s tolerance and efficacy. The Artic Cold Caps, which are filled with a soft gel, must be kept frozen until just before use. These are fitted to your head and help in place with Velcro fasteners during your treatment. D

To be effective, your Arctic Cold Cap and chemotherapy treatments MUST begin at the same time! Directions will be provided to ensure effective application.

Watch the video to the right to learn more or click here to view additional news clips.


“The whole team at Artic Cold Caps were awesome…  Mary Lou the RN taught me and my helpers how to use the caps. We skyped together until I was confident in the process.  The whole team was available at a moment’s notice for last minute questions.  They all also checked up on me.  Can’t say enough about this company.”


faviconArtic Cold Cap Solutions

Artic Cold Caps solutions offer you everything you need to get started quickly and easily. We are always available to answer questions about our process and equipment.

Our help line is staffed with professionals who can coah you, somfort you, and answer any questions. We are here to help!

We have put together the most affordable and comprehensive cold cap program in order to make this process as convenient as possible.


  • $379 a month and $379 refundable deposit

    Only $379 for the first month’s rental, plus shipping gets you started.

  • 6 Cold Caps Included with Everything You Need For Treatment

    This allows the rotation of caps to freeze more efficiently.

  • Exceptional support from Trained RN Nurses.

    Every customer gets Free training and support from one of our Registered Nurses.


Arctic Cold Caps is the most inclusive, best supported and most reasonably priced cold cap treatment system available anywhere!

More items needed for treatment are included, free of charge.

Excellent training and support are provided by our specially trained Registered Nurses to all of our clients at No Additional Cost.

Arctic Cold Caps provides everything you need for your cold cap treatment.

You can simply order the Arctic Cold Cap System and have a loved one conduct your treatment, or choose to have one of our trained Registered Nurses conduct the treatment for you.

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