The Arctic Cold Cap System has been used successfully for thousands of treatments and helped people undergoing all types of regimens to save their hair.

Arctic Cold Caps is the only cold cap company staffed by Registered Nurses to provide professional customer support.

Arctic Cold Caps is the only cold cap company that provides 8 caps. Others give 6, or only 4 caps. More caps make more frequent cap changes possible for better results, particularly for more challenging regimens.

You Don't Have to Lose Your Hair.


noelleThank you Arctic Cold Caps! I kept my hair, and I’m so thankful. I tell everyone about Cold Capping, and I can’t wait until everyone knows about it, and they are at least given the option when they sit in the office. Treatment makes you feel like everything is being ripped away from you. You don’t have any option or choice, but there is when it comes to your hair.

NoelleArctic Cold Caps Client

Arctic Cold Caps Offers Professional Therapy Service with Registered Nurses & Trained Technicians


The easiest way to use Arctic Cold Caps is to have your own designated registered nurse do everything for you. We send a specially trained registered nurse to your treatment location along with all of the necessary equipment and supplies.

Your personal Arctic Cold Caps nurse will be by your side for the entire treatment regimen to pamper and care for you at every step along the way. The Nurse will be there at each of your treatments and take care of everything.

This service is available within a 60 mile radius of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington. New York City, Jacksonville, Chicago, Pittsburgh and all of New Jersey. This service can be provided at locations outside this area at additional cost. Please call 877-234-1688 for more information.

This service is supplemental to Arctic Cold Cap Monthly Equipment Rental..

Arctic Cold Caps Is Recommended by The Rapunzel Project ®


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When NY Doctor Natalia Calderon wanted to avoid hair loss, she chose Arctic Cold Caps and saved her hair!

Natalia Calderon

“My name is Natalia Calderon, I am doctor in New York. Having seen and experienced the devastating effects of hair loss, I was determined to do everything to avoid it.

I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of the cold caps system, but I decided to try it after reading a few encouraging reports. I am very glad I did because it was a complete success: I had only minimal, negligible hair loss after 12 cycles! I can safely say that the cold caps system can significantly decrease hair loss when done properly.

The team at Arctic Cold Caps facilitated the process and delivered support throughout the treatment, ensuring the appropriate handling of the equipment for better effectiveness.

I have no doubt that avoiding treatment induced hair loss significantly improved my quality of life during the treatment and most likely also had a favorable impact in my ability to cope with the disease and the other side effects. I would encourage every patient facing potential hair loss to consider the Arctic Cold Caps system.”

Dr. Natalia Calderon

Our Treatments Have Been Conducted At The Following Facilities:

treatment-centers…and at Many Other Hospital and Centers Throughout the United Stated.

Carrie W

Through research and several phone calls, I was blessed to have the opportunity to try Arctic Cold Caps.When I went in after my very last treatment, my doctor sat studying me and finally said: “I can’t even tell you’re wearing a wig.” I told her… it’s not a wig. This is my hair! Needless to say, her mouth just about dropped to the floor and then she said: “You are the only patient to not lose their Hair!” Wow! That’s all I can say! Between God, the Arctic Cold Cap System and my cold cap pit crew, WE DID IT! 

Carrie W
Christine B.

IMG_4500I did 12 rounds of treatment once a week. Every week I waited to see if my hair fell out and it didn’t. I can happily say that yesterday was my last treatment and I have just as much hair as I started out with!!!

I never looked any different to anyone but most importantly my children. This company including the people who work for it is amazing…..truly, amazing. They cared so much about my well being, and how it was working….they would call me periodically to check in, and answer any questions I had. I am so, so happy with my results. I wish more people knew about Arctic Cold Caps.

Christine B.Arctic Cold Caps Client



“The whole team at Arctic Cold Caps were awesome…  The whole team was available at a moment’s notice for last minute questions.  They all also checked up on me.  Can’t say enough about this company.”

LauraArctic Cold Caps Client

Before and After Pictures (Actual Clients)

Below are pictures of some of our clients who have agreed to share their experience using the Arctic Cold Caps system during their treatments. The photos to the left were taken before their treatment started, and the photos to the right were taken weeks or months after their treatment while using our product.

Alicia S.


Christine G 


Deborah B. 


Patricia K. – Abraxane



“I am so pleased that I heard about the possibility of retaining my hair as I went through treatment. The response from the whole team at Arctic Cold Caps was very prompt and caring. The psychological value of keeping my hair was immeasurable! Being able to go about my daily life without having people knowing  what I was undergoing made all the difference in my outlook and ability to cope.”

LauraArctic Cold Caps Client

From my initial phone call, the Arctic Cold Cap staff went above and beyond in their support. That marked the beginning of an exceptional experience during an otherwise challenging time…their support and obvious personal investment is unmatched!

SusanArctic Cold Caps Client

You have made it much easier by providing Cold Caps. It is such a luxury given the circumstances to be out and about. It makes my life normal and normal is a really good thing.

EmilyArctic Cold Caps Client

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Patricia K.

I would recommend Arctic Cold Caps to everyone. I saved all of my hair by using Arctic Cold Caps.

Patricia K.