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Dr, Natalia Calderon, Oncologist

Natalia CalderonMy name is Natalia Calderon, I am a medical oncologist in New York and unfortunately I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Having seen and experienced the devastating effects of chemotherapy induced hair loss, I was determined to do everything in my hands to avoid it without jeopardizing my treatment.

I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of the cold caps system but I decided to try it after reading a few encouraging reports. I am very glad I did because it was a complete success: I had only minimal, negligible hair loss after 12 doses of taxol!  I can safely say that the cold caps system can significantly decrease chemotherapy induced hair loss when done properly.

The team at Arctic Cold Caps facilitated the process  and delivered support throughout the treatment ensuring the appropriate handling of the equipment for better effectiveness.

I have no doubt that avoiding chemotherapy induced hair loss significantly improved my quality of life during the treatment and most likely also had a favorable impact in my ability to cope with the disease and the other side effects of chemotherapy. I would encourage every patient facing potential hair loss from chemotherapy to consider the Arctic Cold Caps system.

Dr, Natalia Calderon, Oncologist