Chemotherapy And Hair Loss

Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia (CIA) is the clinical name for the loss of hair during chemo treatments, and it is a problem that many chemotherapy patients must face.

Hair loss occurs because chemotherapy drugs are designed to damage or kill cells that are multiplying rapidly, specifically cancer cells. However, there are other cells in the human body that naturally and normally reproduce rapidly, such as hair cells.

Sensing hair cells rapid growth, the chemo drugs attack and kill the hair follicles and hair cells. When this happens, your hair begins to fall out.

Arctic Cold Cap—A Practical and Easy Solution

If you are faced with this problem, Arctic Cold Caps is pleased to offer you a practical and easy solution.

Arctic Cold Cap therapy uses a super-cooled cap to constrict the blood vessels in your scalp, thereby preventing your chemo drugs from killing your hair follicles.

The treatment is easy and painless and in most cases, effective. The Arctic Cold Cap treatment options are comprehensive and easy to use. After years of extensive industry research and worldwide use, we have put together the lowest cost, most comprehensive cold cap therapy program offered by any company anywhere today.